Vault Dweller

Vault Dweller is a "Fallout" based game Post Nuclear Fallout shelter. Many levels to explore and fully interactive sequence of events and newly updated Title Changes from "Fallout New Age!" to "Vault Dweller!" due to avoiding any Youtube or Copywrite  issues! The Player is lead through 18+ levels of finding a cure for Mutant Brahman (Cows or Bulls). The Player fights similar old and new battle sprites of enemy encounters ( random and others ) of Raiders, Monsters of various types seen in Fallout Versions of the game! Items collected from drops and chests are all useful in game play. Custom Quest logs are stored in Menu to interact with through the story as you continue through the game. Active and Inactive Quest logs along with several alternative side quests with animated custom fixes of building walls, etc. on a simplistic level in accordance to the current game engine design! lovely looking new tile sets with various custom walls within the Vaults and other areas in the game. Interactive wall pip's to use as you would a (Pip Boy) but more simplistic functions! Loads of fun and adventure on every level, and with custom side view battle system! lovely terrain all packed into smaller sized maps. Enjoy! 


Vault Dweller! 360 MB
Sep 17, 2020

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