A downloadable game for Windows

A fully functional demo (RPG Game ) created using the RPG Maker XP version for windows XP. Start the game as a warrior who came was raised in the woods where there was little to use for tools or equipment. Later as he stumbles upon a distant castle he partakes in a long journey for the King Solomon who sends him against many foes to broaden his skills and catch the cunning thief who stole the five crystal shards that were used to ignite the castle torches. You must conquer many puzzles and do some mystery solving along the way as you battle many foes to gain insight to where the thief went so you can track him down and avenge him once and for all. This will be no easy task!! 18+ levels of fun and adventure in the full game, Enjoy this Demo.

Install instructions

Download and install file into selected directory, play game!!

Press <ALT+ENTER> for full screen mode in game.


QoK Demo.exe 52 MB


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It won't let me download the game for some reason?

I will look into that.. please check back!

I checked the link and it worked fine and I simply clicked over the game and a pop up showed in a few seconds to save file!

I'll try again, maybe there was something wrong with the website when I tried to download

Thanks, let me know how you make out.. hope you enjoy!! Lots of work went into the game for a solo creation!