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As a rat your family is trying to forage food in the deep of the woods. Your main objective is to help your family recover food and bring whatever you find back to them. However, an evil monster stops you dead in your tracks as you begin your journey and shoves you down a hole within your aunts house. This is where your journey takes you as you fall down through a small hole and into a deep seamlessly never ending labyrinth of dungeons and rooms. Continuing your journey for food, you must find and collect keys to unlock doors and cheese to heal yourself on your journey. Battles against such enemies as yourself, and many other creatures differ within each realm. Increase your protection my natural means of using drops or found items to add protection to implement armor or gear. This game offers a very unique and interesting way of leveling, battle system, and use of items. Various small puzzles to solve along the way to gain access to some rooms and doors! Advance in the game to acquire new members to join you in your journey along the way. Challenges become more intense as you progress through the levels. 

Install instructions

Press ( Alt + Enter ) keys for full screen game play!

Use arrow keys to control movement.

Press ( esc ) key for in game menu!


Squeak Install.exe 379 MB


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I enjoyed the game thank you for making it. Hope to see more

Thank You...

Thank You!! So glad to see people interested in these classic style games.

Deleted 2 years ago